Welcome Jim Carter

We are very happy to announce the expansion of Dogsbody Technology with the addition of Jim Carter.

Jim is Dogsbody Technology’s 5th Linux Systems Apprentice and comes with a lot of passion for maths and learning.

Having started studying physics at university Jim decided a Linux Apprenticeship was more for him. He is one of the only applicants to complete one of our hardest interview tests.

Jim will be helping with first line support and maintenance before taking part in projects of increasing levels of complexity (and fun!) as he progresses through his apprenticeship.

When asked what Jim thinks he brings to the company he answered, “a fresh view of computing that hasn’t been clouded by the tyranny of the establishment”.  We think he’ll be quite the engineer! 🙂

We’re still looking for more talented people to join us here, could you be our 6th apprentice? or do you have a skill you think we can use?


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