Dogsbody Technology Charity Donations 2023

Dogsbody Technology every year donate a percentage of our profits to good causes.

For the last three years we have let our staff pick the charities that are important to them. We are honoured to support their chosen causes…


The Vine Centre are a small charity located in Aldershot that seeks to support the most vulnerable members of the community. Their work covers many aspects including socially isolated adults and families, mental health support, homelessness, addiction, and learning difficulties. They do great work.


Supporting this charity is important to me having had a grandparent suffered from dementia and seeing their decline was heartbreaking. Any research or knowledge gained to help improve or prevent the onset of dementia is a great thing to support.


It’s such an obvious, beautiful idea. Simple and completely clear of purpose – feed those who are hungry. I’m not sure if there is anything more human or more humane than breaking your bread and sharing it with another person. I’ve seen their work first hand during various disasters around the world and the incredible restorative effect of receiving a freshly cooked meal when you might not have eaten for days. If you want to support a charity that eschews politics or partisanship and focuses solely on the simple dignity of giving help to all in need, then this is the one.


Someone very close to me was diagnosed with PoTs. It took years to find the cause of their health issues and they are finally ‘on the mend.’ Since then a few people I know have experienced symptoms of PoTs and without more awareness other could go misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all.


This charity pulled on my heartstrings in a lot of different ways. I can’t imagine spending Christmas alone (not through choice) or being alone at anytime of the year. The Royal Voluntary Service provide social activities, transport services, help for the NHS, dementia support services and much more!

Providing a lifeline to the most vulnerable in our communities and the NHS they give life-changing support when it matters most.


We all need support and sometimes those that support us need support. Being a carer is hard enough but trying to be a carer while working and supporting yourself as well is a huge task.  Action for Carers supports unpaid carers of all ages with information, support and advice. They work hard with the NHS and other carer charities to ensure the right people get the support they need.

Custom support is available for young carers (aged under 18), young adult carers (for 18-24s) and carers connected to the Armed Forces.

We hope you agree it is a great mix of charities and wonderful charities to support.


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