Being an Apprentice at Dogsbody

Hello, I’m Ashley and I’ve just completed my apprenticeship here at Dogsbody Technology and I want to tell you why it was AWESOME!

When I came to Dogsbody I was finishing my first year at University studying Maths & Physics. I chose being an apprentice with Dogsbody rather than continuing with University and have now finished with a distinction, a full-time job and some amazing colleagues.

IT and Linux were completely new to me, but I quickly knew I had made the right decision. I’d be able to use my problem solving, organisational skills and passion for learning whilst working towards my Level 3 Infrastructure Technician qualification. I really grew to love, enjoy and appreciate technology.

Going this route wasn’t without risk but I chose it for the three main reasons, all of which have paid off…

  1. Long days with working and studying separately
  2. Student loan debt
  3. The ability to progress through a career faster and choose the qualifications.


Working and Study Time

Being an apprentice meant I was able to plan my time more effectively. Having evenings and weekends free, without work and study played a large role in looking for an apprenticeship. I didn’t wish to give up education and really enjoy learning but planning time for university studying, lessons, reports & exams was becoming increasingly impossible. Not forgetting time for work, children and a social life.

After joining my apprenticeship I found planning my time a lot easier. I was able to start and finish work at the same time each week. Exams were booked around or in work times and I was able to book more solid childcare.

Student Loan Debt

Instead of paying for education with work (and parenting) on the side, I would be paid to work and learn at the same time!

My income was a set amount each month. Comparing this to variable part-time work wages alongside my university studies, it was much easier to keep track of my finances. I felt much more financially secure with the apprenticeship, even when the monthly wage was sometimes lower than part-time work for the first year.

It is important to check the current minimum wages for Apprenticeships and the National Minimum Wage to check if an apprenticeship will work for you.  It’s safe to say that now I’ve finished my apprenticeship I no longer need to worry about this 😉

Progressing through more personalised qualifications quicker

Learning from home using the Open University suited me at the time of applying but it quickly became obvious that it is a difficult way to learn long term.

Most of the jobs I was applying for were asking for practical experiences over qualifications. This meant I had less physical experience to gain whilst at university.

As an apprentice, I was hands-on, working day-to-day and learning through active means to achieve the tasks set. I was able to get advice and lessons from tutors, management and fellow colleagues.

Post Apprenticeship

Since finishing my apprenticeship I’ve been able to use the  skills I’ve gained, to progress further and become a full-time Linux Systems Engineer.

I’m excited to continue my further education, system administration training and career with Dogsbody Technology.

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