Supporting Coding Adventures in Schools

Back in December 2022 a chance introduction lead to Dogsbody Technology partnering with  Get with the Program and sponsoring Coding Adventures in Schools.

Their values and mission very much aligned with Dogsbody’s own and we love to give back to our community.

Get With The Program Logo

But what does that mean?

Get with the Program run tech learning events or “Coding Adventures” for children aged 5 – 9. These adventures teach coding concepts through fun interactive theatre, they are designed to be accessible to all, encouraging students to have fun and embrace digital technology studies. Schools benefit from a fun activity that aligns with the school curriculum and ensure key terms in the computing curriculum are demonstrated. Everyone’s a winner!

Coding adventures are being added regularly and at Christmas there are even coding pantos! oh no there isn’t… oh yes there is…

Jeni Trice aka Professor Trice

Jeni Trice aka ‘Professor’ Trice, CEO, Founder and Chief Coding Adventurer started Get with the Program to offer the opportunity of coding to children who may not have had the resources available and “reach kids who may not naturally choose computing or thought computers were not for them”.  Her model of connecting schools and business together to deliver exciting tech learning events for students means businesses get to invest in the students future and students benefit from learning in an area that is only going to grow as they get older.

Sponsoring a local Farnborough School

After an introduction we decided to sponsor a local Farnborough school for a coding adventure as we had a staff member with kids there. They chose the Eco Coding Adventure as it coincided with their topic for the term.

The feedback was very positive, 75 children watched the show and took part in the follow up activities which is 75 children who may not have otherwise had access to the resource.

We asked our 8 year old spy on the ground how it went…

“I really enjoyed programming the robot to pick items that used less packaging. It was so fun and everyone got to have a go at writing the code and putting the code in order. I was very happy that my robot picked the right fruit”.

Get with the Program need more businesses to partner with to provide these coding adventure to schools! You, your organisation or your workplace can be involved through financial sponsorship, volunteering or content development. Get in contact with them to discuss how you can help.

Want your school to be involved? Get with the Program are offering free Healthy Lunch-Bot coding days in partnership with Bupa. Anyone can sign up or nominate a school or you can register your interest as a volunteer. Once a term (on a specified day), nominated schools will get free access to a fun 30-minute online show and a 45-minute follow-up activity per class (plus some great additional resources).

Get Involved Today Supporting Coding Adventures in Schools.

Career at Dogsbody

apt-get a Career at Dogsbody

A career can mean very different things to different people, some want to climb the corporate ladder, others want to pursue more adventures, of their own, outside of work – most do a combination of everything 🙂

Your career goals may look very different to your friends, families and colleagues but along the way you will keep on learning and developing.

Dogsbody is a small, bespoke, Linux and Cloud consultancy based in Farnborough, Hampshire, UK.

Our mission is to remove the pain of building, securing and maintaining infrastructure, wherever it is located.

“IT” is always changing, new software, new deployment processes, new technologies and your career needs to include the upskilling to keep up in the IT world, as well as, giving you the skills and confidence to give yourself the career YOU want.

Here’s how Dogsbody can help you find and reach your career goals.

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” – Michelangelo.

Find your passion

Dogsbody is a small team. This give us a great opportunity to help you find your passion within IT and beyond…

You’ll get involved in elements of business you may miss out on at larger companies; Training, quoting, project management, blog post writing and more!  We give you the opportunity to find new strengths, learn new skills and diversify your skills into other areas.

Our quarterly 121’s (or chats if you prefer) help us set small goals for the next 3 months as well as discussing your larger goals both inside and outside of work. It gives you the opportunity to think about what you enjoy doing and where you want to go and share these with your manager who can help you reach them. Because they are so frequent when things change we are small and nimble enough to change with you and help you on your new path.

Dogsbody responsibility doesn’t end at 17.30 – we work hard to make sure all our employee have an opportunity to reach their goal inside and outside of work providing support and advise as well as helping manage responsibility outside of work life with flexible working.

“A goal is not always meant to be reached; it often serves simply as something to aim at.” – Bruce Lee

Everyone has a different style of learning – we offer support for further studies, focused learning time and learning budgets to pursue what you want to learn (within reason – we may not fund your butchery course although we do like (Halal) steak 🙂 ). We take opportunities to set up peer learning sessions, online and in classroom courses and aim to provide the tools you need to improve the way you work.

Support for all

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” – Margaret Mead.

Everyone is different, unique and sometimes people need a little more support to make sure they have the same opportunities as everyone else.

We support Diversity, we strongly encourage applications from people with varied backgrounds and perspectives. All applicants are considered for employment without attention to ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, family or parental status.

We have navigated the DWP’s access to work systems helping neurodiverse and long-term illness employees through support and understanding. We are proud to be a Disability Confident Employer.

What’s the next step in your career?

We want to be a place that helps people find their passion, always trying to improve and diversify.

We aim to support all our employees at all stages of their life and career.

Our employee turnover is consistently below industry average, and our customers and employees rate us highly.

Maybe that’s why our employees and customers seem to stick around.

Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know about new roles as they become available.

You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don’t Take

Staff Charity Giving 2022

The winter season can be a challenging time for many people which is why every year, at around Christmas time, we donate a percentage of our profits to good causes.

For the last two years we have let our staff pick the charities close to their hearts. We are honoured to support their chosen causes…


Heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan have seen the country suffer devastating life loss and millions of people have been cut off. This donation will help provide aid to families who are suffering.


Duddon and Furness Mountain Rescue Team personally assisted me back in December 2021 when I discovered two walkers, one with a leg injury, around 900 meters high up on the flanks of Scafell Pike. There work is life saving and therefore I have chosen it as my 2022 charity.


The Hygiene Bank do great work, providing essentials to organisations within the local area. No one should be held back from participating in society because of hygiene poverty. The Hygiene Bank will ensure our donation of items go directly to the people who need them.


Sadly, the soaring cost of living means more people are being forced to use food banks. It is so sad this is needed in the 21st century and I hope our donation of most needed items and christmas food will help someone this christmas.


Clean, safe drinking water is a basic human need and yet there are millions of communities around the world without it.
I nominated WaterAid because donating will ensure WaterAid can continue to provide clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to those communities and save lives.


The Cowshed is a local crisis charity that supports a variety of individuals of all ages in very different but difficult situations. I hope this donation helps them continue their good work of providing clothing and other items for individuals and families experiencing hardship.

We hope you agree these are all wonderful charities to support.



MSP Spotlight – A Dog Mentality To Service

Last month I was interviewed as part of Linode’s Managed Service Provider Spotlight Series. The result was 50 mins of talking about what it’s like to be a business owner and my goals for the industry we work in.

So go get yourself a cup of tea and have a listen… you don’t really even need to watch… perhaps we should start a podcast? 😉

We covered a large number of topics including:

  • 02:15 – Why the name ‘Dogsbody’?
  • 04:04 – Which services do you offer?
  • 08:04 – How do you charge for services?
  • 13:00 – What does your ideal customer look like?
  • 16:10 – Why do you choose to work with open-source technologies?
  • 20:00 – Is support something you sacrifice when using open-source?
  • 24:32 – Why do you choose to work with multiple cloud providers?
  • 34:13 – Which cloud tech should MSPs look out for?
  • 38:10 – Recruitment and staff development
  • 40:19 – The role of apprenticeships
  • 42:40 – Advice for MSPs

Has something here sparked your interest? Do get in touch and we’d be glad to help.

2022 December Holiday Cover

Dogsbody Technology will be closed for a few days in December as the UK celebrates Christmas. We hope you will join us in giving our staff a well earned break.

This year we will be open on the working days between Christmas and New year but with reduced staff numbers. Responses to emails and phone calls maybe delayed as our staff prioritise work as required.

  • Thu 15 Dec 2022 – Office closed from 14.00 (for our December party)
  • Fri 23 Dec 2022 – Office closed from 13:00
  • Mon 26 Dec 2022 – Office closed for UK Public Holiday
  • Tues 27 Dec 2022 – Office closed for UK Public Holiday
  • Wed 28 Dec 2022 – Normal office hours with reduced staff
  • Thur 29 Dec 2022 – Normal office hours with reduced staff
  • Fri 30 Dec 2022 – Normal office hours with reduced staff
  • Mon 02 Jan 2023 – Office closed for UK Public Holiday

Person on phone via headset


During this time, response to emails maybe slower than usual and any issues will be dealt with on an emergency out of hours basis. We will be supporting customers who are experiencing a situation where business cannot function without a resolution such as Website / Server down and inability to trade online.

Life saver ring

Emergency issue

Contact us as normal. All calls and support emails will be routed to our on call engineer who will prioritise work as required.

Women with headset and thumbs up

Maintenance customers

Customers on our maintenance plans will not notice any difference. Systems and infrastructure will continue to be patched, maintained and monitored.

Hosting issues

Our status page will advise of any known internal and hosting server issues. Please do check this page before raising any tickets as the chances are we are already aware.

Normal office hours will resume on Tuesday 03 January 2023.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy Christmas and a Happy 2023

Feature image by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Away Day

Team away day 2022

On a, surprisingly, warm day in September, in the beautiful New Forest, Dogsbody Technology had a long overdue team away day. A chance to get away from our desks and a thank you to our staff for all their hard work.

We were rather smug when we complete the first team challenges in record time, although lowering a bamboo cane on your finger tips in a group is harder than it looks!

Whilst we all though of ourselves as the next Game of Thrones extra or Hawkeye it turns out most of us weren’t! But there is nothing like a bit of competition.

Fire building wasn’t on the original agenda, our super fast time at team challenges meant we had some time to spare – so we collected kindling and wood and built ourselves some fire! Luckily we didn’t need to cook our lunch on it which was next up.

The afternoon was low and high rope challenges. Low ropes required more team work, communication and, sometimes, sheer strength – we also got up close and personal with the ‘swing to a small platform and all fit on it’ challenge.

Highropes was in teams of 2 or individually and we literally put our life in our colleagues hands! The pair game was to stack crates on top of each other to make the tallest tower – and stand on it whilst doing it!

Lastly we had some high ropes! A couple of us fell off and have the bruises to prove it

It was a great day away from our desks, in lovely surroundings and fresh air and day light! we definitely all earned our meals afterwards. We hope to go back sometime and do the water activities – maybe in the middle of summer just to be sure 😉

If you are interested in working for a team like this then check out our recruitment pages, if we aren’t currently hiring then add your name to the mailing list to be informed when we are hiring again.

Proud sponsors of Pride in Surrey 2022

We are proud to officially sponsor Pride in Surrey and would like to invite you to join us in supporting this great cause.

The main event happens on 27th August 2022 in Camberley. A festival and parade will make Camberley the host of the largest Pride in Surrey event yet boasting performances from Sonia, Savior, Eden Hunter, Eva I Guess, Apple Sourz, Connor, Dylan Holloway, Kiki, Johnny Mack, V?K, Cielle Joelle, Carmel Fleur, Jacquii Cann & Seann Miley Moore.

Pride is a time for us to reflect on the progress made towards LGBTQ+ equality and to acknowledge the fact that we stand on the shoulders of all those who have fought so hard over the years to achieve this. It is also a time for us to acknowledge that we still have so much more to do.

We are sponsoring Pride in Surrey because the charity behind the event supports individuals all year round. The Pride Hub in Woking has done some amazing outreach and genuinely makes a difference to people. That is what this is all about, helping, encouraging and supporting each other to be what and who we want to be.

– Dan Benton, Director of Dogsbody Technology

The awesome work that Pride in Surrey (Surrey LGBTQ Pride CIC) does never stops. They are a non-profit community interest group with a mission to celebrate, educate and connect the LGBTQ+ community (and allies) across Surrey. Pride in Surrey is run entirely by volunteers, a small team who work all year round on every day projects and campaigns. We are very happy to support them.

Join us to help us ensure that no one is left behind.

Each year Dogsbody Technology donates at least 1% of our profits to good causes, we are very proud that we’re able to make a difference with our charity work.

Electromagnetic Field 2022

As people enjoyed the 4 day Jubilee UK Bank holiday with street parties, parades and union jack bunting, Dogsbody Technology staff spent the weekend in a field at Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire for Electromagnetic Field 2022 (EMF Camp).

The event is every 2 years and Dogsbody are no stranger to it having attended three previous EMF’s… but the last one was in 2018 with 2020 (of course) being cancelled.

If anyone asks what Electromagnetic Field is we say “Glastonbury for Geeks”. Featuring super fast 1Gbps symmetrical internet connection and power to your tent, robots galore, multiple geodesic domes, enough LED to see from space, laser beams and tons of workshops, talks and a free to play arcade. This is our kinda place.

The event is also family friendly with childcare and youth workshops available so you can take the kids (if you really want too).

There were hundreds of things to see and do over the 4 day weekend, including 144 talks and 79 workshops. Some of the talks were recorded, we’ll add the relevant links to these once they are live.

Each year, as part of the ticket price, you get a badge…..but this is no ordinary badge.

This years had an array of features including a USB-C plug, display, joystick and buttons. It can connect to wifi and has an app store.

It even has a cryptographic accelerator chip meaning it can be used as a hardware authentication device (equivalent to a YubiKey).

Our favourite bits…

Picking a favourite part of EMF Camp 2022 is hard but here are some of the highlights Dogsbody took away with them.

Claire:This is my 4th EMF camp and everyone has been different. This year I attended less talks but completed a Puzzlehunt – why? Cause we wanted to see what was behind the door in the now infamous Null Sector! We did and it was awesome! Thank you to Dreamcatcher for the hard work that went into creating it!

I also love the commitment people put into creating the fun… EMF Ducks and emfSpiders are my new favourite EMF Camp twitter feeds.

Josh: What struck me most about emf camp is it’s scale, openness, diversity and detail. The more you look the more you see. The more you do the more you find. You can dive deep into one thing or spread yourself and try to absorb it all. Which you won’t be able to do and I’m quite sure that if I could turn back time and rerun the event I could have a wholly unique experience several times over.

From puzzles to arcade games, algorithmic raves to karaoke, geodesic domes to Kraken’s and fire tornadoes – you’ll never see it all. And that’s OK. Serendipity is the joy of it and you just surf the highs – getting top score on Nameco Point Blank; and the lows – sitting alone on a bench in the wind and rain, crying into a burrito having just watched ‘An Engineer’s Guide to Grief’ and stewing on it’s gaze into the abyss of loss.

Most seriously, I’m grateful EMF Camp exists. It serves as a reminder that there are like-minded people out there in the world, people interested in the things you are and open to the things you think, even if your everyday lived experience couldn’t be further from that reality. Four days wasn’t quite enough to lower shields raised to a lifetime of endured indifference. But it did offer a glimpse of what could be. And anyway, there’s always next time.

Ashley: As a Space and Statistics fan, the Astro Pi Mark II talk was one of my favourites. The presentation followed a standard Raspberry pi from the factory in Wales, through rigorous international testing with NASA and everywhere in between. Ending with the Pi finally ending up, fully intact and working, on the International Space Station. In addition to the journey, Richard Hayler gave an explanation of Mission Zero, a Python challenge for young people under 19 to code their own programs to be deployed and run on the International Space Station, something I know my daughter and I will taking a look at.

My main highlight though, has to be melting some brains and destroying everyone at FLUX.

Dan: Where to start! Every time we go to EMF I am in awe of the dedication of everyone that attends. It is the living embodiment of the old adage that the right group of people coming together can easily be greater than the sum of their parts. I’ve seen so many people riffing off of something that someone else said.

Where else will you see event information being distributed by a fully working Teletext system to CRT TV’s around the site…

The highlight for me has to be watching an entire tent erupt into a singalong version of Evanescence (Bring Me To Life) inspired by our own Ashley and Josh. It has already gone down as folklore in the office and I think there may even be a video somewhere but that maybe embargoed 🙂

Stats and Thanks

We geeks love a stat, so here are some from the event:

  • 2,636 checked in (attended)
  • 556 volunteered whilst the event was running, manning talks, videoing talks, logistics, helping in the shop etc
  • 10,800 unique devices seen on the network ( an average of ±3.6 device per visitor)

EMF camp is a completely non-profit event and is entirely organised and run by a dedicated team of volunteers. Whilst we were onsite for 4 days, volunteers had been on-site setting up, and tearing down afterwards, for almost 2 weeks!

A BIG Thank you to all the people who make this event possible!

Here are some of our favourite photos from this years event.


Welcome Awab, our new Linux Systems Engineer

Awab - our new Linux Systems EngineerDogsbody are happy to announce the addition of Awab, our new Linux Systems Engineer.

Having successfully accomplished a degree on Biological Sciences (he is a Co-author of an abstract published to an issue of Allergy Journal, in relation to his 3rd year dissertation) he immediately started his career in technology. Keen to learn more about Linux and Cloud he joined us at Dogsbody! Awab is a fan of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and Badminton, we have challenged him to combine the sports 🙂

Awab has now started to help with customer work and is having fun developing his Linux and AWS knowledge.

We’re about to start recruiting again so join our recruitment mailing list if you want to be the first to know when we open up new positions.


Feature image by Leo Zhao.

Staff pick our charity giving 2021

Every year, around Christmas time, Dogsbody Technology gives back. This year we let each member of staff pick a charity for Dogsbody to donate too. Each one has received a percentage of our profits. Here is what they selected…


Younger people are more susceptible to mental health as they haven’t yet gained the tools they need to deal with these issues as they come along. YoungMinds want to see a world where no young person feels alone with their mental health.


The naked truth project helping improve sex education resources, talking about porn addition and having those awkward difficult discussions with school kids.

Claire Hope Hub Logo

As the really cold weather kicks in I cannot begin to imagine what it is like to not have a safe and warm space to call your own. The Hope Hub provides practical support (cooking and IT courses) as well as helping with emergency accommodation.


I’ve known many people who have been helped by Home start Hampshire who have needed supplies after leaving home in an emergency with children.


I chose Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team as they came to the rescue when on an early December mountain hike I discovered two walkers, one with a leg injury, around 900 meters high up on the flanks of Scafell Pike (between Broad Crag and Ill Crag to be precise). I sheltered the walkers and ensured they stayed warm, dry and safe but there was no way I was going to get them off the mountain by myself. Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team got up to us within 5 hours, which is a very quick response time given the location, severe weather conditions and darkness. They then took the casualty back down the mountain for a safe and happy outcome. Duddon and Furness Mountain Rescue Team also attended the rescue and I’ll be donating personally to that team to ensure their efforts are also recognised.

Cenira Cancer Research Logo

Cancer cannot cripple love, it cannot shatter hope, it cannot conquer the spirit. Thank you, Cancer Research UK.

Awab Uyghur human rights project Logo

Unfortunately, due to the most of the worlds reliance on China, nothing much is really being done to help the Uyghurs in China right now. This project has been helping to give relief to the refugees who left the country and raise awareness about the genocide that’s happening there. I have donated to them before and know they do good work.

We hope you agree these are all wonderful charities to support.