Welcome Claire Christmas!

Claire ChristmasWe are pleased to announce the expansion of our team in the form of Claire Christmas (yes that really is her real name!)

Claire will be joining us as an Office Manager and brings with her years of administration and customer services skill as well as a real passion for cost savings and efficiency.

Into anything Marvel and with a background in working in technology companies Claire spent most of her career at Sun Microsystems where she started as an apprentice and then Oracle after the acquisition.

Claire will be dealing with the day to day admin of running Dogsbody Technology to allow the Dogsbody team to do what they do best – Linux Sysadmin!

When asked what she thinks she’s bring to the company she answered, “other than single handedly bringing the average age of the company up a few years I look forward to adding a female touch”.  We think she’ll fit in just fine! 🙂

We’re always looking for new members to join our team, so go and check out what jobs we have available if you think you’d be a good fit at Dogsbody Technology.

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