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Common warning signs before server outages

Everyone knows that server outages and server down time cost. It directly affects your business in a number of ways including: Loss of opportunities Damage to your brand Data loss Lost sales Lost trust It’s essential to stay on top and ahead of any potential downtime. Here are three areas where you need to be […]

Things I learned from my mission trip to Tanzania

On the 25th July 2019 myself and ten other members from my church St Peters Farnborough caught the plane from Heathrow heading to Tanzania. There we spent two and a half weeks in the small village of Ibumu helping build a nursery school and school administration block, as well as teaching secondary school and pre-school […]

5 Vim tips for advanced users

This blog post lists out my top five Vim tips and tricks to bring your Vim game to the next level. Here at Dogsbody Technology we are connected to servers, editing files and improving configs every day. All of this means that a good text editor is a must. That is why we chose Vim. […]

What’s a hosts file?

In the early days of the internet the hosts file was created. It is a text file which stores the domain name you are going to (www.example.com) and the IP address where it is hosted ( It is just like an address book, it stores your friends phone numbers for when you want to contact […]

Why there’s nothing quite like Logcheck

Anyone who has been to a techie conference in the last few years will know there are lots of log management tools out there, but none have filled the space Logcheck has in our hearts servers. Logs are our bread and butter. They store details on everything that happens on any server; each request to […]

How will the Ubuntu 14.04 EOL affect me?

On April 2019, Ubuntu 14.04 reaches end of life (EOL). We recommend that you update to Ubuntu 18.04. Over time technology and security evolves, new bugs are fixed and new threats prevented, so in order to maintain a secure infrastructure it is important to keep all software and systems up to date. Operating systems are […]

Root email notifications with postfix

Now that Ubuntu 18.04 is out and stable, we are busy building servers to the latest and greatest. One of the most important parts of new servers builds is root notifications. This is a common way for the server to contact you if anything goes wrong. Postfix is a popular piece of email software, alternatively […]

Cloud Storage Pricing Comparison

For a long time AWS has been the go to for cloud storage but the competition has heated up over the last few years. We keep a close eye on the various storage offerings so that we can recommend the best solutions to our customers.  So where are we now?  Who’s the current “winner”? Obviously, […]

Manual patching vs auto patching

Everyone agrees keeping your software and devices updated is important.  These can be manually or automatically installed.  People assume that automatic is the better option however both have their advantages. I’m Rob, I look after maintenance packages here at Dogsbody Technology. I want to explain the advantages between the two main patching approaches. What to […]