Welcome Rob Hooper!


Hello! I’m Rob; Gamer, Tea drinker, and lover of all things hackable. I have customised every computer I have ever owned within a inch of its life.

I am joining the Dogsbody team as a Linux Systems Apprentice. Excited to learn more about Linux, the cool new technologies out there as well as giving back to the community which I believe is what Linux is all about.

Until now I have been focused on my studies but they haven’t challenged me. They have been very hands off; discuss and write about things. I can’t wait to actually do, and learn from real life experiences.

While I get up to speed there are many projects to play with involving Raspberry Pi’s and AWS. Coding scripts and making tools.

I will also be taking the task of handling maintenance packages off of Dan and Alex and heading it up as a project of my own.

I am looking forward to working with all of our existing, new customers and hopefully you as we continue to grow.


Feature image by Cydcor is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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