All a Twitter

What is it they say about the best laid plans… 🙂 It seems that around 20 of our Twitter followers have disappeared! While it seems like you are following us, you may not see our tweets and you do not show up in our list of followers.  If this is you then please just go […]

It doesn’t always have to be .com

In some ways the internet is very crowded (100 million active websites) and in other ways very quiet (most web traffic is caused by few sites) but it’s important to remember that the internet is pretty much limitless and there is more than one way to claim your acre of land online. When first creating […]

In The Beginning

…and with this post I now declare this website open. It’s going to be an interesting ride as the future of Dogsbody Technology comes into focus and you will be able to read all about it here. This site can turn into whatever you would like to see. Perhaps a commentary on the latest tech/security […]