Vintage hosting – running from your past

Update: Yes this is an April Fools post. We love to reminisce about the old days (don’t get our director started, he’ll bore you for hours) but unfortunately technology moves on and that’s a good thing. Gone are the days of people bragging about how long their server’s been online… if that’s the case then they probably haven’t been installing kernel updates 😉 Please do get in touch if we can help you update your infrastructure.


Do you have a website which doesn’t run on the latest hosting packages?

Struggling to find a host that offers those bygone technologies you loved?

Fear not! Our Vintage Hosting is suitable for you.


  • Average Pages per day – 2000 (Calculations based on appr. 16kb per page)
  • PHP 4.0
  • Raw logfiles Zipped via Email
  • Internet and FTP ready so you can *quickly* upload your latest camcorder shots
  • Landline support
  • Floppy disc something? uploads?
  • Offsite vinyl backups as standard
  • Offering Email to Fax Forwarding
  • Linux 2.6.0 or Linux Ubuntu 4.10
  • 50MB Disk Space
  • 512MB Bandwidth

Contact us today to find out more…

Free boombox with purchases of this package of £100 or more

Vintage hosting

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