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Dogsbody Technology is a home run businesses.  We don’t have offices to tie us down and can work anywhere we wish.  While this is great for getting work done it does get a little lonely sometimes.

For the last year we have attended Berkshire Jelly, a co-working meetup in Crowthorne where people that work at home can meet up and work in a communal environment.

Unfortunately the current organisers (Hazel McLellan and Lyn French of who originally sourced the location and set this event up have had to move onto other things so we are very proud for Dogsbody Technology to take over this brilliant event.

We are re-naming it Crowthorne Jelly but it’s the same event you all love and of course it’s FREE!


What is Jelly?

Jelly is a casual monthly co-working event, where home-workers, freelancers,small business owners and office based people who every now and then want a change can get together with their laptops once a month to meet new people, work, chat, share ideas and ….be inspired together in a social environment.

Jelly is a mixture of work, chat, helping others with business issues, passing on tips and maybe even collaborating on a new project.

Jelly is NOT networking – the aim is not to meet new clients, pitch your business or try to sell to anyone -there are plenty of excellent networking events in the south east to do that.

Jelly was started in the USA and is now increasingly popular in the UK with over 30 active co-working Jelly events already and more starting every month.

So if you’ve ever felt isolated in your home office/ work office and want to meet some other like-minded people in a different work environment, then Jelly is for you – it’s free so give it a try and come along!


What does it cost to attend?

It is FREE to attend, all you need do is bring money to buy yourself tea/coffee (there is an honesty box).  You can bring your own packed lunch- at the moment we’re investigating the option of ordering freshly made sandwiches on the day – more to follow, so watch this space.


Do I have to stay all day?

No, people turn up at any point from the starting time onwards, introduce themselves to the organiser, plug in their laptop and access the wifi.  There’s no obligation to be there from the start to the finish, so you can fit jelly in around other commitments like the school run. Obviously the more people that stay for longer the more vibrant and interactive the day will be.


Do I qualify?

As long as you have a laptop to keep you busy and you’re a business person then you qualify. The more variety of people the better!  Even if you’re still researching a business you’re more than welcome to come along for inspiration.


What do people do at Jelly?

Anything you can do quietly and independently, so anything on a laptop. Other Jellyers will appreciate you taking phone calls outside the room if your mobile rings.

Its the ideal time and place to catch up on all those little jobs you keep meaning to do but never get round to. You could do stuff like:

  • Accounts
  • Catch up on some reading/ writing
  • Emails
  • Online housekeeping
  • Blogging
  • Updating social media profiles
  • Commenting on blogs
  • Tweeting

Feature image – “Melon jelly” by kanonn is licensed under CC BY ND 2.0

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