Please welcome Alex Last

Alex LastWe are very happy to announce the addition of Alex Last to the Dogsbody Technology team.  Alex is joining us a Linux Systems Apprentice and comes with a lot of enthusiasm for new technology.

A self confessed fitness nut, Alex can often be found at the gym or up a mountain somewhere, he’s recently climbed mount Snowdon as part of a 5 day expedition.

For the last two years Alex has been completing a BTEC Extended Diploma in Uniform Public Services however in true geek style he’s also been teaching himself Linux in his spare time.

Alex will mainly be looking after first line support as well as taking on some of the fun projects we’ve been storing up for him… seriously, the rest of us are really jealous, he gets to play with Raspberry Pi‘s and everything!

Should you get to talk to Alex, do say hi and ask him about driving the Nürburgring 🙂

We’re still looking for more talented people for our company, could you be our next apprentice? or do you have a skill you think we can use?

Foundation Degree Accreditation

This week our Director (Mr Dogsbody to you) was asked to be an industry expert for the revalidation of a Foundation Degree in Computing for University Centre Yeovil.  This was a fascinating experience which showed the commitment that education has to make to it’s students.

Computing is a fast changing industry.  What is taught at a Master’s degree level one year can soon be taught at a Foundation Degree level a few years later.  It is vital that academic institutions keep up to date with what is going on in the real world.

The revalidation of Yeovil’s foundation degree came after a complete re-write of the unit specifications for the entire course.  Independent people are bought in to help with the revalidation and make sure the content is at the right level.  As part of the event the panel get to talk to students at the institution as well as local employers that hire them.  The day showed how it was possible for the students to learn what the employers needed while employers could gain skilled people and support the local economy.

What impressed us the most was how the Yeovil College and University Centre Yeovil had tied their courses together allowing for an easy progression from an Apprenticeship to a Foundation Degree and hopefully soon a Full Degree.  We use Yeovil College for our apprentice scheme and actively encourage all of our staff to further their education 🙂


We Are Hiring

Yes, Dogsbody Technology is hiring its first member of staff!

If you are a 16-19 year old with good grades in and around the Camberley area that would like to work for a small Linux specialist company then please do get in touch.

Full details are on our jobs page.