There’s no place like ::1

It’s an old joke (which we updated to IPv6) but it’s true, there is no place like home.  After a year of sharing an office with the wonderful Orcare Web Design it’s time to spread our wings and go it alone.

We haven’t moved far, approximately four miles to Farnborough and the beautiful Ferneberga House.



Our new address is:
Dogsbody Technology Ltd.
Ferneberga House,
Alexandra Road,
GU14 6DQ

Edit: We have since moved again. Please see our contact page for our new address.


Ferneberga is actually the original name for Farnborough as listed in the Doomsday book. Over time it changed from Ferneberga to Farnburghe, Farenberg, Farnborowe, Fremborough, Farneborough and eventually Farnborough. Ferneberga House used to be the town hall, a historic building that has stood here for over 100 years.

So, if you’re in the area and fancy a chat then do feel free to give us a call and pop in.

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