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Your website on the Tor network

We are very proud to announce a unique service which enables any website to have a presence on the Tor network.

Hosting a website on the Tor network has previously been very challenging, requiring changes to both infrastructure and the site itself.

Dogsbody Technology Ltd. are now offering a turn-key solution to this problem, allowing almost any website to be placed on the Tor network without requiring expensive redevelopment.

We are launching this service based upon the work done by Alec Muffett on the The Enterprise Onion Toolkit.  Alec is a stout maintainer of digital rights in the UK and is a member of the board of directors of the Open Rights Group.  He led the team that implemented Facebook’s onion site and we are delighted to have Alec as a consultant on this project.

Tor enables people from anywhere on the planet to access sites and data that might otherwise be blocked.  They may use Tor to browse sites and content without divulging their physical or online location, and Tor’s Onion Networking provides people with greater confidence regarding the authenticity of the site they are accessing

Tor users may already access your website anonymously and securely thanks to the Tor Network, however this does not protect their traffic from bad actors on the public internet or at rogue “exit nodes”.  Providing a Tor “Onion Address” helps obviate these risks by giving people a trusted path to your site, a path that is owned by you. Onion addresses are “self-authenticating addresses“: the address itself is a cryptographic proof of the identity of the service.  For example the Tor project website can also be found at http://expyuzz4wqqyqhjn.onion/ [NB: this link will only work in Tor-enabled browsers].

Adding an Onion address to your site gives a number of advantages:

  • Extra privacy for people that visit your site
  • Extra confidence that the site they have connected to is yours
  • Freedom from oversight and network surveillance
  • Access to your site cannot be blocked by an ISP, company or state
  • Enhanced communications integrity & tamper-proofing
  • Guaranteed use of a more security-aware browser, Tor Browser

Additionally: setting up an Onion address can provide less contention, more speed & more bandwidth to people accessing your site than they would get via Tor “exit nodes”.

Contact us now using the form below and we’ll help setup your site as an onion site on the Tor network.

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