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We survived Google Hash Code 2017

Last week we attended Google Hash Code 2017 in GROW at Greenpark, Reading.

The problem was released at 17:45 and we had until 21:30 to write a solution that scored better than the 2814 other teams in the competition.

The problem statement related to optimising YouTube’s caching servers by pre-loading popular video’s.  You can read the full problem statement and examples here (PDF, 362K).

We had a great evening and come up with a solution to the problem which is always nice.  We enjoyed a free Curry and got some Google swag including stickers (We love stickers! Feel free to send us stickers anytime) and the rather cool sunglasses you can see in the feature image of this post.

Thank you to the Organisers (Google Developer Groups Reading and Thames Valley), volunteers and GROW at GreenPark for the great venue. We look forward to next year event.

Dogsbody Technology joins Google Hash Code 2017

Dogsbody Technology are stepping into the shoes of Google engineers and attending Google Hash Code 2017 in GROW at Greenpark, Reading, one of the 432 Hash Code hubs across 66 countries.
A team-based programming competition for students and professionals (18+) across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Pick your team and programming language, and Google pick a real-life engineering problem to solve.

Fancy entering a team of your own –  sign up today at g.co/hashcode! (last entry 20th February 2017 18:00 CET)

Check back to see how we got on!